The Livingheart




Livingheart offers guidance aimed at making you the best human you can be, for yourself and our planet. We believe that your health outcomes and environmental impact can be traced back to your daily practice; or the habits, routines, and patterns that make up your daily life. Our goal is to optimize that practice in order to optimize our collective existence.



At the heart of Livingheart, we employ the following perspectives:


Human power and potential, when nurtured and supported as intended, is limitless.

Environmental connections and relationships are integral to life.


Act, directly and deliberately, to be the hero of your life and place.

Rhythm exists in the daily practice of life. Find your true, steady, and personal pulse. Your daily practice.

Trust your intuition, your gut, and your energy. Trust the pursuit of mastering the practice of life. Rid yourself of fear, take a leap and trust the truth that is written in the code of life. Trust in your HEART.

the Livingheart approach

We believe that human potential is boundless if we make choices with the environment, our home, at the forefront. If our actions are intentional, and we honor our natural rhythms. If we know our purpose and live with that truth in our hearts.

The launch point is your daily practice; the habits, routines, and patterns that make up your everyday life. The behaviors and choices that comprise your day are what determine your outcomes - how healthy you are, and how healthy the environment you impact is. It’s that simple.

The tools at Livingheart can transform any daily practice into an optimized, meaningful daily practice that suits you and your world.  The Daily Practice Assessment finds your baseline and where you need to improve. The package options are available to provide personalized support and foster lasting change. We set you up to build the healthy and thriving future you want, for you and our planet.

It’s time for health and sustainability to come together in one service.

Human health is not isolated. Likewise, planetary health is not isolated. They are interdependent.

We acknowledge that connection. In fact, it’s embedded in everything we do.

This is what it means to live with heart.

This is how we create our future.