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The framework

5 core areas©

Understanding our impact can be difficult, so we created five buckets to work from. The 5 Core Areas represent categorical spheres within the life of a human where human health is tangibly connected to the health of planet earth. The Topics within each Core Area showcase where the choices you make can be measured and then transcribed to how responsible your impact is. Some of these choices happen every day, and some of these choices happen less frequently. Cumulatively, they add up to your daily, and ultimately, life practice. 


Within the Livingheart approach, the choices we make all belong to one of these Core Areas. When measured collectively, they represent your total impact and how healthful your daily practice is.  They represent your Drop; your impact. Each line of the drop represents a Core Area score. The higher the scores, the more balanced and robust the Drop becomes. 

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daily activities

  • Transportation

  • Technology

  • Time Management

  • Work + Home

  • Relationships + Connection

  • Sleep


  • Micro-Environment

  • Body Care + Hygiene

  • Immediate Family

  • Needs + Wants

  • Broad Impacts 


  • Humans are Heterotrophs

  • Growing + Supplying

  • Local Foods

  • Food Systems Concepts

  • Meals + Eating

  • Hydration


  • Exercise + Fitness

  • Functional Application

  • Awareness 

  • Mental + Cognitive

  • Social


  • Connection

  • Exploration

  • Senses

  • Home + Belonging

  • Integration

the Livingheart approach



Step One. Take the Daily Practice Assessment and order your results to find your baseline.

The launch point is your daily practice; the habits, routines, and patterns that make up your everyday life.


Step Two. Understand your personalized recommendations in order to implement the philosophy.

The behaviors and choices that comprise your day are what determine your outcomes - how healthy you are, and how healthy the environment you impact is. It’s that simple.


Step Three. Work with a Livingheart Analyst to catalyze changes and make them sustainable.

We set you up to build the healthy and thriving future you want, for you and planet earth.

It’s time for health and sustainability to come together in one approach.



At the heart of Livingheart, we believe:

Human potential

and power, when nurtured and supported, is limitless.


connections and relationships are integral to life.



directly and deliberately, to be the hero of your life and place.


exists in the daily practice of life. Find your true, steady, and personal pulse. 


your intuition, your gut, and your energy.  Rid yourself of fear, take a leap and trust the truth that is written in the code of life. Trust in your HEART.

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