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Practice Your Belief - Authenticity in your creed - whatever it is.

What did you think about when you first woke up this morning?

What motivated you to plan out your day? Why did you decide to do those things?

Whether it be religion, politics, culture, or even simple day to day habits, we follow, pledge allegiance, and spend time adhering to greater ‘somethings’.  All differences and debates aside about what's true and which are right, it's important to take the time to reflect on how the overarching ideas in our lives percolate into our habits, schedules and ultimate daily practice.

Does your commitment to love mean that you hold the door for a stranger? Does your faith in a certain higher power mean that you volunteer twice a week? Do your senses of gratitude and belonging to the planet mean that you commute on your bike? The list goes on...

In all our fervor and devotion, as humans we like to debate and compete about our belief systems, from small scale bickering to all out war. At VibeUP, we believe that what’s needed is more peace not more war, more practical exploration not just more prideful steadfast, and more heart not just more brawn.

Take the time to contemplate what you do in the name of your belief or subscription; what your mental and physical actions are. Figure out how your doctrines fit into your daily life and your daily choices.

-Madelin Petz

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